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Rob Zombie's 'Mondo Sex Heads' One for the Trash Bin

Published: Thursday, August 9, 2012

Updated: Thursday, August 23, 2012 14:08

Rob Zombie

Mondo Sex Head
Grade: D-

Do you need a soundtrack for your next speed-fueled adventure in eastern Europe at 2 a.m.? Look no further.

Mondo Sex Headis Rob Zombie’s third remix album and quite frankly wasn’t worth releasing. Fans of Zombie’s original work probably won’t appreciate this mash up of death-metal, electro, rave and dub-step.

However, maybe those in the electro-dance universe will be into this freaky concoction. The album takes Zombie’s classics and revamps them into something completely different. Remixes are supposed to enhance songs, but the producers here didn’t seem to get the memo.

JDevil Number Of The Beast’s remix of “Thunderkiss '65” is probably the best track on the album, but that’s to be expected from Jonathan Davis of Korn. He is probably the only person on the album suited to remix a Zombie track.

Three Crosses’s remix of “Dragula” ruins everything great about the song. It slows it down to the point that it sounds like something a CW soap opera would play.

Das Kaptial’s remix of “Lords of Salem” is over seven minutes long and requires some sort of upper just to get through it.

There are probably much better remixes of Zombie’s work out there. Fans should seek those out instead. Let’s just pretend Mondo Sex Head didn’t happen.

– Ana Anguiano, College Times

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