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Ladylike's self-titled debut boasts high energy, explosive sound

Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 19:04


Ladylike's self-titled release.




Grade: B

Ladylike’s debut self-titled album is a burst of high energy and an explosion of sound. The group certainly reflects well on the Phoenix scene as a whole, proving that we are a city to be reckoned with.

The opening track, “Leave the Boy Alone,” makes a huge effect and sets the tone for the larger-than-life album. Each song is layered and has a giant, cinematic quality to it. The song progressions are bold and unpredictable but transition eloquently. A massively layered production, each track keeps you on your toes.

Even the song lyrics are meant to not only evoke emotion, but lead the listener on a journey. As the album unravels you feel at times as if you are being transported to a circus or an Americana bar in Texas. Ladylike’s influences seem vast but the entire album seems to be sprinkled with Queen-esque magic.

The recording is crisp and clear, allowing for every instrument to have it’s time to shine. Beyond the standard pop and rock instruments, Ladylike uses violins, clarinets and harmonicas to achieve that larger sound. Their efforts resulted in power-pop jams with their own unique touch.

Feeling blue? Ladylike will hit the spot. Blast this album with proper speakers to get the full experience and enjoy the ride.

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