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Def Leppard pick their spots to rock

Published: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 11:08

Def Leppard concert live album

Ash Newell

Def Leppard's "Mirrorball" is the band's first live album.

We were listening to the new single "Undefeated" in the office prior to this interview. It's a pretty solid Def Leppard rock anthem. How would you say the band's sound has progressed, if at all?

Well, the band started going off on different tangents through the years. I would say that "Undefeated" is a very classic Def Leppard-sounding track. Personally, I think it's a great song. It's a Joe Elliot song and I personally feel that Joe writes the best Def Leppard songs. It really comes back to the essence of what the band is supposed to be about. There is a simplicity about it that makes it really, really catchy. We're actually performing that song on this tour and it's a great song to play. It's so catchy that by the time we get to the last chorus, people tend to have it in their DNA even if they've never heard the song before. I personally would like to see us concentrate in writing more songs like that. We had a tendency in the past to get very elaborate on some of our recordings, and … that can be interesting but it's not really the essence of Def Leppard. There has to be a certain simplicity to what it is we do. Having said that, it's not easy to write a simple song – it's kind of ironic.

How is the writing going for the next album?

There has been a tendency in recent years for us to write individually. Even the three new songs we did on Mirror Ball are three [individually written] songs. But there is also a feeling within the band that it would be nice to get back to some more collaborative efforts because when you first start as a band, you tend to write more collaboratively. Someone will come up with a riff, someone will start playing along somewhere else and then the singer will sing on top of it. You capture more of the flavor of the band when you work more collaboratively. In recent years, we haven't been doing that very much. That is something that we are very conscious of and we are trying to bring some of that on all our future recordings.

Def Leppard w/Heart, Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion, Saturday, September 3, 7:30 p.m., $30-$150

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