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Decker. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013

Updated: Thursday, March 7, 2013 15:03


Emily Caldwell


Twenty-Twelve was a rough year for decker., but 2013 is looking up. There aren’t many bands that can handle having their world turned upside down, but decker. did it gracefully and successfully. The psychedelic desert folk band from Sedona was on tour last fall when their van rolled over, resulting in severe injuries and staggering medical costs. Yet here they are, seven months later, with a new album and tour on the horizon.

Front man Brandon Decker says everyone is doing well, mentally and physically, post-accident. Band mate and singer Kelly Cole suffered the brunt of the injuries after being thrown from the van during the accident, but she is out of her neck brace and playing guitar for the band.

Even though they’ve been tossed around, it seems decker. can’t be stopped and Decker credits the band’s unity.

“I think we’re the most focused, musically and artistically, that we’ve ever been,” he says. “Decker. has always been me and whoever was playing with, [but now] we’re a consistent, core group of friends.”

Decker. is having a massive album release show in Tempe this week and will be sharing the stage with friends that came to their aid after tragedy struck. Decker says the support from the Phoenix music scene was incredible.

A big boost of support also came from fans who gave to the band’s Kickstarter page. Decker. raised over $8,000, which is more than double what they hoped to gather in order to finish their latest album. One of the seemingly outlandish rewards on their Kickstarter campaign allowed for a fan to name the album if they gave $5,000, and shockingly enough someone did. 

“It’s called Slider,” says Decker. “The person who donated was a quadriplegic with Lou Gehrig's disease and we were never able to get in touch with him again but we were advised his nickname was Slider, so we named it after him. I like it.”

Decker says Slider is the band’s best work yet and attributes it to their work’s cohesiveness. They wrote the album in four weeks after coming home from SXSW and are now eager to share it with fans in Arizona and across the country. Not long after their release party, decker. will head out on tour, which includes a stop at SXSW. However, Decker says touring will be a little bit different this time.

“I don’t think ‘scared’ is the word, but I think, y’know, how when you’re a kid and your parents are over-protective and they tell you they’re just older and wiser than you? I think we’re definitely precautious,” he says.

Decker says he couldn’t be prouder of the new album, calling the songs his children.

“When we started touring it was just kind of like, ‘Woo-hoo! Let’s go party and play some music.’ There’s a wildness that comes with being in your 20s and playing music on the road, but now I think we’re a little more goal oriented. The point of being on the road is to dance to music,” he says.

decker. w/Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Future Loves Past, Dry River Yacht Club, Chimney Choir, Adam Faucett, Field Tripp, Them Savages, Vagabond Gods, Sail Inn, March 1, 6 p.m., $10

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