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Daryl Hall takes his newest collaboration on tour

Published: Friday, April 13, 2012

Updated: Friday, April 13, 2012 13:04

When she hears Hall, Jones doesn’t hear a soul singer or a pop singer. “He’s a singer. And any time you’re a real singer like that, you can sing soul, pop, gospel, blues. That’s what he’s proven to everyone by having all these different people come in and sing with them. He’s a great singer.”

Hall, whose latest solo album, “Laughing Down Crying,” was released on Verve Forecast in September, calls Jones “amazing. She’s just a ball of energy, even in rehearsal.” On tour, Stone, and Jones will sing together and separately, backed by the “LFDH’s” house band.

Hall bristles, however, at the idea that the state of his voice is impressive considering his age. “I have two words: Tony Bennett,” he says. “If you can sing, you never lose your voice. If you don’t know how to sing, your voice goes away because you sing from your throat. But I could be 95 and still be able to sing, because I sing from my diaphragm.”

Why is it so rare, then, for pop singers to sing as well as he does, even after they’re old enough to collect Social Security?

“People lose a lot of things,” he says. “They lose their vibe. They lose their perspective. They lose their voices. … A lot of it has to do with fear and rigidity.”

Hall says he’s avoided those pitfalls because “I have an active imagination, I move fast. I’m a quick thinker. That allows me to make interesting jumps and leaps.”

The leap into the collaborative aspect of “Live From Daryl’s House” has helped him find his authentic voice, Hall says.

“I’m a born collaborator. This is what I was born to do, really. I’m quite an eclectic musician. I’m a Philly Soul guy, but I can do a lot of things, I can speak a lot of different musical languages. And this show allows me to be me, and collaborate with all these different musicians. It’s so stimulating, I can’t describe it.”

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