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Concert Recap: Rock Allegiance Tour

Published: Sunday, September 25, 2011

Updated: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 13:09





Papa Roach really got the crowd going with "Between Angels and Insects," which transitioned into a bass groove and another crowd pleaser, "Forever."


Let's take things to the next level," Shaddix suggested after that. His plan was elementary: Have everyone squat down then count off and have them jump in unison. At that point in the night, people were pretty discombobulated. It made him happy enough, though, as he made the night of many a screaming girl when he walked through the crowd on "One Track Mind."


They then promised to be back in the studio after the tour and dropped a hip-hop beat…an interesting turn of events, if that's supposed to be a hint. It's doubtful, but Shaddix was full of surprises when he sang the chorus to "Scars" a cappella in Spanish. (At least, that's what I'm assuming he said.) Padre Cucaracha finished off its set with "Hollywood Whore" and their teen angst anthem "Last Resort," during which Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D., who had been watching stage left for some time jumped out and sang the last chorus while really really brotherly smother-hugging Shaddix.


The strobes signally the start of Buckcherry's set began a minute to 9 p.m., to the sounds of jackhammers and a mash-up of AC/DC, Aerosmith and "Sex Machine." Front man Josh Todd, who was sincerely the person having the most fun onstage the entire night, came out sporting a jacket that lasted longer than POM's Wes Scantlin's, making it through "Dead" and "Rescue Me." After that, he dropped his jacket and corset vest, too, and that's when things started getting a whole lot more shiny and colorful as he showcased that famous suicide king on his back and all his body are was glistening as he worked that stage with some crazy swaggering dance moves, which involved spanking himself with the tambourine, doing some seriously well-honed air sex moves or dancing like a pretty, little jester-fairy love child. 


Todd was one of the hardest working men, playing with the crowd and all of Buckcherry put on a classically rocking show. He was the only one who didn't seem too tired to strut or as if it wasn't natural. The sound was the biggest as well. Mad, mad props to funky sweetheart guitarist Keith Nelson, who at one point, after not being able to get a guitar pick to a girl in the front row, hopped off the stage walked the pick to her and hugged her.


The night got pretty weird after Todd shared his virginal cocaine story during "Lit Up," after which he said, confusingly, "Rock shows are like a good hit from a water bong."


The set list wrapped up pretty strongly with "Sorry" and "Crazy Bitch," both of which had the crowd singing along to. Women were weeping, children were crying. Grown men were wondering where the days of moshing along to these bands went. And the people in the Marriott were glad they bought those noise-canceling headphones…or that they got a room with a view. 

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