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Valley writer Austin Vickers aims to alter perceptions with People vs. The State of Illusion

Published: Friday, September 9, 2011

Updated: Friday, September 9, 2011 15:09

Austin Vickers

Austin Vickers wrote and produced "People vs. The State of Illusion."

Is there a risk of taking this stuff to far, though? Remember when "The Secret" came out; and all of a sudden, people were running around – and I'm grossly paraphrasing here – thinking, you know, "If I just think it, see it, it will happen." There is some truth to that, but it's not quite that simple. We'd have a lot more millionaires if it was just as it easy as thinking it, and making it come true.

Yes, and I love that you raised this question. I think it's not that people take it to far, but honestly I don't think many of the people in "The Secret" truly understood the principles they were trying to talk about, or at least the movie did not take it deep enough like we try to do in my film. Because you are absolutely right, "just thinking about wanting something" is not enough to manifest it in our lives. The thought of what we want is the content of our thinking. But what is more important is the process behind that content. In other words, why do we want that thing we are trying to attract in our lives? If it is to be happy, because we are unhappy, then we have a process of "being needy" and our thinking is a mentality of a lack of abundance. How attractive is that? We have all experienced people who are needy and only seeing what lacks in their life. Are these the people we want to help or be around? Of course not. So despite the thoughts of attraction, the process underlying those thoughts is the real mechanism that works to either attract or repel things in our experience. But here is the real kicker. People who have abundant thinking and who are whole do not try to "attract" things like material possessions into their life, because they understand that it is not external things that make us happy. They also understand that perhaps life will have something in mind for them that is larger or bigger than what they could possibly imagine for themselves. So rather they focus inward, on being present and complete, despite what their external circumstances look like. And they trust that if things externally do not unfold as they would have liked, rather than be upset or try desperately to "attract" the things they want, they look for the opportunity that may already be presenting itself, knowing that the magic of life and the universe is playing a hand in what is unfolding for them. And when, and only when, they become masters of this process, or this pattern of thinking, do they literally become able to manifest externally. But they will only do so when they know that the manifestation is needed for the higher good. It will never be because they are unhappy and need some material possession to feel better about themselves. 

We all know that there are people who general see the world; and see positives in most situations, and those who see the world very negatively. When you counsel clients; how do you work to help them begin shifting their perspective?

Well the most important step is to first become aware of our own pattern. Whether it is negative or positive is not as important as the awareness. Think of it like a business. As someone running your own company, it's always good to have your idealists and dreamers who can help see past the reality – they are the people who help us create. But we also need the realists, the people who see and must deal with the limitations that we must navigate. The work for all of us is to find balance. If we are consistently negative in our perceptions, by becoming aware of that pattern, we can second-guess ourselves, and ask, "in this situation, would it be better for me to be positive or idealistic? Would it be better to put aside the challenges for the moment, and let my mind run wild with creative ideas? What does the situation or person need in this moment?" Then we can channel our negativity to those moments in life where it is really good to be negative, and not allow our negativity to destroy a moment of connection or an opportunity for creativity or imagination. For example, when my young son wants to jump off the garage roof to see if he could fly, it's probably not the best time to encourage his imagination and effort. But by being aware of my negativity in that situation, I can balance it by making him aware of the dangers of his course of action (negative) but also encouraging him to think about how to overcome those limitations (positive). If he's reading books about airplanes and how people could fly, rather than being a realist in that situation, I would be better to let go of that pattern and encourage his imagination to discover a new way people can fly. So it is really about awareness and conscious thought, rather than just letting our patterns of thinking run wild and unconscious.

What do you hope that people get from this film, Austin?

Well on the ego side, I hope they feel like it is one of the most amazing, intelligent films they have ever seen, and they tell all of their friends they must see the movie, and then they begin to pressure Hollywood to nominate it for an Academy Award. (Laughing.) That would be nice. On my altruistic side, I hope nothing more than that people will start to take a look at themselves, and question the process of their thinking. And if they feel that process is not creating the best outcome for their lives and others, that they will then take the time to learn how to create new ones. When the movie comes out on DVD, we are going to provide it for free to people in prisons and women and men in homeless and abuse shelters, because I really do believe it has the potential to change lives and it is important to give back. If we could begin to shift perceptions and get people to become aware of their patterns of thinking on a national scale, just imagine how it would change so many of the cultural problems that we face. The world would definitely become even more of an amazing place than it already is. 

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