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Hot Chip does fine 'In Our Heads'

By Brian Howard, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Published: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Updated: Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Chip

In Our Heads


Grade: B-

"Remember when ... people thought ... the world was round?" asks Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor on "Motion Sickness," the vertiginous opening track of the London electro-poppers' fifth long-player. "Everything spins," he continues, an apt sentiment for a band that finds itself in a disorienting new groove. In Our Heads is Hot Chip at its most introspective. From the vulnerability of "How Do You Do?" ("You make me want to live again"), to the plaintive slow build of "Let Me Be Him," to the dizzying slow grind of the single, "Flutes," the boys are downright ponderous. Not that they've gone all navel-gazey: the disco-indebted hip-shaker "Night And Day" plays like some dirty, digitized answer to P-Funk. Which is to say that Hot Chip may have slowed things down a bit, but they're still full speed ahead.


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