Make the most of your time in Rocky Point


Arizona might be bone dry and hotter than a person can physically tolerate, but there is a way to escape. Only a few short hours away is Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico where a cool and calm beach awaits you. Rocky Point is a favorite among locals, but for anyone who has not had the pleasure of sipping pineapple cocktails and eating fish tacos with the beach, you are missing out.

Rocky Point is Arizona’s closest beach on the warm Sea of Cortez and you can get there in half the time of San Diego or Los Angeles. Peñasco Del Sol Hotel, formerly known as the Plaza Las Glorias, has been serving tourists and families for decades with over 200 hundred newly-renovated rooms and plenty of amenities.

You don’t have to go very far outside the front doors of the Peñasco Del Sol hotel to enjoy your time in Rocky Point and the ocean views are right there in front of you. We got a chance to talk to Peñasco Del Sol Hotel’s Bob Feinman about what to do in Rocky Point and what not to do.

“Right out our front door there are a million places to eat and shop. If that’s not enough, we are a $2 a person cab ride to the Old Port where the fish market is and the city began,” Fineman says.

He also recommends checking out the Pinacate Reserve and Biosphere and taking in all the natural beauty. Peñasco Del Sol is not as self-contained as other resorts and encourages their guests to try their hand at outdoor sports and exploring.

“Don’t believe of the lies about the boogeyman waiting to kill you the moment you put your big toe across the border, but at the same time don’t leave your brains at the border,” Fineman says.

“You’re in a foreign country and you have to be as aware of that as people from Mexico have to be when they cross the border north. Too often us gringos don’t seem to understand we are obligated to feel the same way when we go to someone else’s country, which is called Mexico.”

There are several things you need to have in order before making the trip, including a passport or passport card. And according to Mexican law, Americans driving their cars in Mexico must buy Mexican car insurance. Feinman recommends consumers look into ProAlliance Insurance with Rosie Glover

“If you buy insurance from her you get the same competitive rates you get anywhere, but if you have a problem anywhere between here and Rocky Point, whether it’s 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, you have a phone number you can call and she will send one of her bilingual people to the scene. They know rules and law enforcement and someone will hold your hand. She is also the head of the city of Puerto Peñasco Visitor Assistance Bureau,” Fineman says.

It’s hard to believe that anyone would want to ruin their vacation, but Feinman says if you are “one of those gringos who feels she or he is above the law, whether you know it or not you are inviting trouble and you are looking for trouble.”

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