Local Electro-Pop ‘Alien’ Luna Aura Proves Her Music is Out of This World


She calls herself an alien, claiming she is not of this world. Her unique music may prove just that.

“I play with the alien thing. I make myself creepy instead of pretty,” Luna Aura, an up-and-coming Phoenix musician, says. “What I’m trying to say is that I am not of anything that’s happening in this world. I am my own entity.”

“You can’t put me anywhere, I’m too weird,” the 22-year-old Aura says.

Aura often wears wigs and changes her hair (only her family knows her real hair color!) and plays with different contact lenses to make herself more alienesque. And the look perfectly matches the music. Even Aura’s sad songs are uniquely upbeat, with her electronic, forward-thinking sound being the perfect addition to those weird, eclectic summer music festivals.

Aura’s second EP, Supernova, was released in early August and will be celebrated at her release party at Livewire on August 29. It has five songs, including the single “Dancing with Your Ghost,” a catchy tune that Aura wrote in memory of her little brother, who passed earlier this year.

Aura says the song is a testament to the everlasting connection between two beings existing in two completely different worlds at once.

“My little brother was my biggest fan,” Aura says. “He always wanted to share my music with his friends.”

“It’s funny, now the roles are reversed. He looked up to me for so long but now I’m the one looking up to him,” she says.

Aura began singing at an early age, showcasing her unmistakable talent to only her close family. But at age 15 she began putting on live shows around Phoenix and writing her own music.

For the last four years, Aura has been focused on making music to share her message, but now she’s hoping to share the positivity of her little brother in her music as well.

Aura’s tunes have themes ranging from love to feminism and are all created using electric-based methods. With this album she has had the opportunity to write with other artists and grow in her music.

“You could say the writing was star-studded,” Aura jokes. “But really the EP had different writers, all of which are fantastic, and together we were able to create some really great songs.”

Though the writers have changed, Aura says her music still has the same sound from her first album.

“My sound has definitely matured with me, but it’s not a huge jump from the first EP,”
she says. “It’s just very mature, with more mature themes, I think.”
“I just want to make music and show everyone, girls especially, that it’s okay to be weird and to be whatever the hell you want.”

Luna Aura
Livewire, 7320 E. Indian Plaza,
Scottsdale, 480.970.6980,
livewireaz.com, Saturday,
August 29, 7 p.m., $10


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