Like It or Leave It Sisters Aly & AJ return with a new sound


Miranda Cyr    College Times


Aly & AJ might have just released their single “Don’t Go Changing,” but the duo has evolved as the sisters find their musical path.

They’ve strayed from their Disney pop-rock origins to focus more on synthesizer-heavy pop, which will be found on the soon-to-be released EP “Sanctuary.”

“You want to break out of that mold of what people expect,” Aly says. “But we should embrace those things.”

The two are coming to the Van Buren on Tuesday, June 11, to give fans a sneak preview of “Sanctuary.”

“Our music translates really well to live performance,” Aly says.

During their two-month “Sanctuary,” the women will perform new and old songs. AJ says it’s cool to see the fans’ reaction to the new songs like “Church” and “Don’t Go Changing,” the latter of which is one of the women’s favorite songs.

They feel they partially owe their musical development to the changing music industry and the introduction of streaming services, which didn’t exist when they began their careers. However, in their 10 years in the industry, they have experienced joy and rejection.

Fans waited patiently for new music, and Aly & AJ delivered. After a period of semi-inactivity, they returned last year with their album, “Ten Years,” which featured six new songs, including “Take Me.” It was the first music they produced under the name Aly & AJ in 10 years.

“Each song has its own story on the EP, but they all still work well together,” Aly says.

They are proud of the recent music. Aly & AJ, who hope to soon play abroad, have another video set for release in late June, as they want to keep putting out content and visuals to connect with fans.

The forthcoming song “Sanctuary” shows their appreciation by saying, “I want to thank you,” directed at fans who give the women a safe place to express their creativity. To create a safe place for fans, they have collaborated with the Trevor Project to support their LGBTQ fans.

“We’re focused on giving back to the fans,” AJ says.

Van Buren, 401 W. Van Buren Street, Phoenix, 480.659.1641,, 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 11, $25-$250. CT


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