Know your rights and the truth behind attorney fees


ASU’s Safe and Sober campaign resulted in 392 alcohol related arrests, which included 146 DUI arrests, during the first weekend of the fall semester. Tempe PD joined forces with 18 different law enforcement agencies to crack down on drunk drivers and minors in consumption.

But do you know your rights? If you found yourself pulled over on the side of the road, would you know what to do?

Henry Beam is a trial attorney and former felony and DUI prosecutor with He focuses on DUI and criminal defense, and his partners, Garrick McFadden and Paul Ticen of Mcfadden, Ticen and Beam, handle auto accidents, personal injury and assist entrepreneurs with trademark and licensing issues.

We asked Beam what students need to know in order to stay safe, and what can happen if you do find yourself being investigated by police officers.

“If you see the officers out and around, just don’t mess with them unless you need them,” Beam says. “It’s just not a good idea. They are there to do a job, you are there to party, let the lines be drawn and don’t cross them.”

But when it comes to breaking the law, Beam only has one piece of advice: don’t drink and drive.

Beam says there are many consequences when it comes to drunken driving; There can be jail time, fines and fees, probation, suspended jail, driver’s license suspension, employment issues, social stigma and of course attorney fees to consider.

The easiest way to avoid legal ramifications that will last well past your hangover is to simply obey the law.

“We always work with students to give them the best possible deal but still, even with our lowest lawyer fees for a DUI you could probably take a cab to Mexico and back,” Beam says.

Beam says one thing many students might not realize is that a lot of times attorney fees are negotiable. has up-front, flat-rate pricing posted directly on the website but Beam says anyone in need of a lawyer should be able to find one that works with their budget, even if it means figuring out a payment plan.

“Just because someone is panicking and filled with anxiety and they need a lawyer, doesn’t mean the lawyer should swoop in and say it’s going to be $10 or $15,000. I think people should all have access to a great lawyer at a reasonable rate,” he says.

“The asterisk on that is no lawyer is cheap. We are still talking about expensive stuff, but at we are trying to take the sting out the expense. If we can shave off $1,000 to $3,000 bucks in the course of a DUI and still give you a great attorney everybody wins.”

Beam says has attorneys ready to go during the weekends because talking to an attorney for 10 minutes, even if you don’t hire them, is a very a good idea.

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