How to conquer back to school jitters


Being back on campus is thrilling, there’s no denying that. It also comes with stress factors that can be swept under the rug with the excitement of new classes, making friends and the undeniable ASU “party factor.”

One of the hardest parts of being successful in school is time management. Trying to balance everything school-related while also having a social life can be difficult but with the right mental planning skills, it’s feasible, even attainable.

It sounds lame, but a calendar or planner can be life saving. Visualizing the week’s activities makes it substantially easier to get said tasks accomplished. Another helpful tip is not to take on more than you can handle.

Taking seven classes, joining two clubs and a sorority may seem like a good idea, but a mental breakdown is sure to follow. This is where the planner comes in handy. Write down your schedule and mark off at least two hours of “you time,” this could be anything from going to the gym to watching mind-numbing reality TV.

Making time for yourself is key to getting the grades desired as well as keeping your sanity.

ASU has dedicated time to developing countless student resources. This includes budgeting tools, tutoring and mentoring services and student employment options. Take advantage of these; they’re free and extremely useful if you feel as though you’re struggling.

In addition to the tools provided to help with success as a student, ASU also offers counseling to any student in need of a confidential place to share their concerns, personal or school related. No appointment is required and there are programs for dealing with crises, group counseling, individual sessions and even services to aid smokers with quitting.

As Michael Crow stated in his Fall 2014 Student Welcome letter, “I, and the rest of the faculty and staff, couldn’t be more excited that you are here because we exist for one reason, to help you be successful.”

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