‘How do you think dating apps have changed relationships?’


“Oh man, I do not use dating apps, so I am not sure. It depends on the person and how they adapt well to relationships and talking to different people. So, I don’t think they’re harmful in any way.” – LISA THRALL, SENIOR, ASU

“I think that dating apps have really changed the dating game in the sense that actually courting someone—if you’re going to use an old term—doesn’t really exist anymore.” – ASIA POOL, SENIOR, ASU

“I think they might make relationships a little more superficial because you don’t take the time or effort to really find out about that person in the first place.” – LAUREN BARNES, FRESHMAN, ASU

“They’ve made it easier for people who are socially awkward. People like me aren’t good at talking to girls, so now we have dating apps … [it]takes away some of the bullshit. It’s implied that you’re interested in them because you’re on a dating site.” – DANIEL PERLE, FRESHMAN, ASU



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