How do college students feel about the presidential election?


Americans immediately had mixed emotions when it was announced that Republican nominee Donald Trump was elected as the 45th U.S. president.

College millennials are no exception.

Protests within the last few weeks have spread widely across cities and college campuses alike, but so have displays in support of the president-elect. Hashtags such as #NotMyPresident and “Make America Great Again” hats seen around campus show a divided generation.

Here are a few things ASU students had to say about the election results.

“I’m not surprised, but I don’t blame anyone. The results just made me want to be a more helping person to everyone else.” -Phil Miller, ASU

“I’m a little bit disappointed … a lot, actually. (It) just feels like America’s dark past is coming back because the marginalized are going to be even more heavily marginalized due to the rhetoric the president-elect has said during his campaign and the appearances he wants. It’s shocking that even in 2016, this can win you an election.” -Giovanni Sizneros, ASU

“Honestly, I’m sick of hearing about it. I’ve heard a lot of people saying, ‘I don’t want to be your friend anymore for who you voted for’ and I think that’s kind of ridiculous because we’ve been given that right to choose who we want to vote for … I think a lot of people our age are being childish about it.” -Lindsay Bogash, ASU

“I’m just shocked.” -Blake Jordan, ASU

“I have no real feelings about it. I have family that support both, but I’m neutral.” -Dave Wilson, ASU

“I’m not too happy, but I’m not inflamed. I’m not too political, but I think he was elected for a reason and he’ll be OK.” -Kaytlin Tran, ASU 

“I am frustrated and unsatisfied. I feel the current person is unqualified and scary.” -Terry Hurst, ASU

“Bad. Really bad. He doesn’t represent my political views and I don’t like him personally, or in general. He is a disaster to America and he has no experience.” -Paulo Pittari, ASU 

“I’m scared because being Native American, I feel like he doesn’t see us as citizens…I’m just scared about the future.” -Megan Silverstein, ASU 

“I’m tired of talking about it. I’ve talked about it in all of my classes … there’s nothing we can do now.” Izzy Montoya, ASU


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