Hitting the Right Chords


Miranda Cyr  •  College Times

ASU freshman Eddie Eberle pursues his dream of becoming a musician

ASU freshman Eddie Eberle is making his mark on the music industry as the lead vocalist and guitarist of his newly dubbed band Eddie Eberle and the Getaway.

Formerly known as Analog Outlaws, the group won the university’s Battle of the Bands contest in February and opened for Galantis at Devilpalooza.

Fronting a band was Eberle’s longtime dream. He comes from a family of big U2 fans, and vintage concert footage inspired him.

“I was watching them, and I think the Edge, and then also Guns ‘N Roses, too, and Slash being the guitar hero he is,” says Eberle, 18. “That’s how I really got my start in music. I bought my first guitar when I was 8 at this place called Junkyard Guitars in (Royal Oak) Michigan.”

After he began, Eberle was mentored by Shane and Megan Baskerville and his guitar teacher, “Corrs.”

At age 10, after moving to Arizona, Eberle joined School of Rock, an afterschool program that helps youths grow their musical talents. Once he was ranked in the top 12 School of Rock students in Arizona, he met his bandmate and drummer, Christian “Champ” Champion.

“I saw him drum,” he says. “I was like, ‘Holy crap this dude’s insane.’ So, I went up to him, and it was really cool, because we had a mutual respect for what we were trying to do. And we both were impressed with each other’s drive, ability, or whatever you want to say.”

Eberle decided to seriously pursue music at age 13.

“That’s when I really knew, ‘Wow, I really want to do this,’” Eberle says. “Since then, we’ve played over 150 the shows around the southwest.”

Eddie Eberle and the Getaway made their live debut at Devilpalooza on February 16. Keyboardist Josh Rose and bassist Milo Charbel joined the group for their first performance, as well.

Eberle, Rose and Charbel are all students at ASU, while Champion is a senior at Horizon High School. In his first year at ASU, Eberle has chosen to major in entrepreneurial business.

“I knew I wanted to do I want to do something in music full time,” Eberle says. “I thought that entrepreneurial business could probably add to the music without being music so I could kind of understand the aspects of what it takes to start a company and really take a shot at music even though it’s not directly linked to it.”

ASU is rumored to be launching a popular music program, something he is excited about.

“I think that that program’s really going to take ASU to the next level with performing because a lot of schools only have a jazz or classical program, but don’t have a popular music program.”

Eberle is inspired by musicians like Tom Petty, the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, Jason Aldean and Keith Urban, but Tempe’s The Black Moods have served as direct mentors to Eddie Eberle and the Getaway.

The Black Moods have taken him under their wing.

“They were really impressed with our songs,” Eberle says. “We went into the studio with them and recorded a couple songs, which ended up being our album. (Lead singer/guitarist) Josh Kennedy really mentored me a lot with just stage presence, and really learning from him as an established artist.”

The admiration is a two-way street.

“He’s got a big heart,” Kennedy says. “He’s got such a supportive family, so it doesn’t get lost on Eddie. He’s very appreciative, and he knows what he’s got.”

Eddie Eberle and the Getaway recently began working with producer Johnny K., who has worked with bands like The Black Moods, Disturbed, 3 Doors Down and Plain White T’s. He says the experience with Johnny K. has pushed him to step up his producing and writing skills.

Eberle says his favorite part of being a musician is performing and interacting with the audience.

“It’s weird, because there are so many things that could go wrong on stage,” Eberle says. “But, if you’re prepared, and you practice and everything, it’s a total Nirvana up there. You’re in complete control. And there’s nothing more than just music and interaction with people.”


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