Get trapped on purpose at Escape the Room AZ


You’re stuck in a room, and you have exactly 60 minutes to escape. You’re given clues, but whether you can solve them in time to win your freedom is the question at hand.

Don’t worry; testing your wits at Escape the Room AZ in Scottsdale isn’t going to play out like a scene from “Saw.” The premise of this game isn’t for the sick pleasure of a psycho serial killer, but it is designed to be a fun time between you, friends, family and other players.

“The concept is live, interactive puzzles. There’s absolutely nothing scary about the rooms,” says Escape the Room AZ manager Paul Boyd.

Specifically, Escape the Room AZ is an interactive, real life game concept where you—along with others players—take part to conquer the challenge. First, you decide to enter one of three rooms offered. Once inside, you get locked in and then you are given a series of clues to guide you to the point of solving the puzzle before the allotted 60 minutes are up.

With the assistance of a clue master, who watches the interactions in the room in real time via video camera (or by what Boyd calls the “eye in the sky”), stuck participants in need of help or additional clues can be directed to keep the game moving.

The Escape the Room AZ location features three rooms: The Apartment, The Western Bank Heist and the Escape the ‘80s room. The Apartment looks exactly like a modern-day apartment in that it’s a small, intimate setting where feeling “trapped” comes to life. The Western Bank Heist challenges participants to successfully rob a bank without getting caught. The Escape the ‘80s Room is exactly as it sounds—it presents the challenge to not get stuck in the neon colored, flash dance era.

Founded with its first location in New York City, the company has now expanded to Philadelphia and Scottsdale.

Each location offers rooms with different themes. Boyd says that no location is the same, with the exception of the Escape the ‘80s room. The three locations offer that themed room because it’s such a popular choice.

To visit Escape the Room AZ, participants should expect a $28 fee per participant for each room. Although the company prefers to have 10 or more participants in each room for a game session, the exact number of people is based on how many are at the location at the time selected. Boyd says that more people equal more fun.

Escape the Room AZ, 7017 E. Main Street, Scottsdale, 480.524.0393,


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