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Former Sun Devil offers tips to ease the transition to an apartment



Moving into your first apartment is exciting, but the process of physically moving your things into your new space can be tedious. In addition to the blistering summer temperatures, you will also need to move heavy, awkward, breakable items that can cause injury if you’re not careful.

Muscular Moving Men & Storage, cofounded by 2006 ASU graduate Justin Hodge, knows these challenges well. The business started with just Hodge, a friend and a trailer. Today, it has moved more than 20,000 homes in 11 years and has sage advice for newbies looking to make the move themselves.

Pack wisely

A rookie moving mistake is to pack heavy items in large boxes. Loading all of your books into one box might be easier as you’re packing, but when it comes to moving it, you will be in a world of hurt. Heavier items should be packed in small boxes; lighter items should be reserved for larger boxes.

Be sure all of your items are protected in transit. Delicate items should be packed in bubble wrap or packing paper to minimize any impact the box will experience during the move. Furniture should be wrapped in plastic wrap and/or moving blankets to prevent bumps, scratches and stains that occur during the move.

Once boxes are packed, label the contents and the room’s destination. If you are using a moving company, the labels will make it easier for the movers to place the items in the correct room. If you’re moving yourself, the labels will help you easily identify which boxes to open first.

Start your move
early in the morning

It might be hard to get out of bed before the sun rises, but it is best to get started on your move before the heat sets in. Move large, heavy items first thing in the morning and save the smaller, lighter boxes for later in the day.

College move-ins often happen on the same day — the first of the month. If you are moving into an apartment complex popular with college students, moving early in the morning will also help you avoid getting tied up by other residents moving in that day.

Make sure the essentials
are ready

The last thing you want to do is spend the day moving, only to realize that you don’t have electricity or running water. Make sure all utilities are on before you move into your new space. Essential household items should also be on hand for the move, including drinking water, snacks, hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper. Muscular Moving Men knows that toilet paper is one of the most commonly forgotten items in the initial phases of a move, which is why the company always gives a roll to its clients at the end of a move.

Book ahead of time

Summer is the busiest moving season, with an estimated 80% of household moves taking place between April and September. If you plan on booking a moving company or self-moving truck, be sure to do so far in advance before those services are booked up. Same goes if you plan on renting equipment like dollies, moving blankets and lifting straps.

Bring the right tools

The right tools can be the difference between horrific and easy moves.  A olly will help you easily move large furniture from the truck to your apartment. Moving blankets can help pad your furniture to resist damage by absorbing the shock of an impact. Lifting mechanisms like the Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps can be used to move furniture up to 700 pounds with the help of a buddy.

Know when to call
the professionals

If you can’t bribe your buddies or family with pizza to help you move, or if the move is particularly challenging, you might want to call in a professional moving company to do it for you. Shop around to find a mover that is licensed and bonded in the state of Arizona and within your price range. Don’t be fooled by lowball prices on websites like Craigslist. A cheap move can be costly in the long run if there is damage to your property, and very low rates may not bring the highest tier of movers to your door.  CT


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