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Once laden with stigma and dirt, food trucks have completely overcome their previous reputation and proved that they are not only a great business, but also no longer a fad. In fact, completely relying on social media shows that these mobile gourmet gurus are more on top of it than some of the Valley’s most loved brick and mortar eateries. Check out the provided Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to find out when you can try these tremendous trucks.

Mustache Pretzels
“Great mustaches aren’t born—they’re bread.”

Just like that, the masters behind Mustache Pretzels have won this pun-loving (and only a little embarrassed) editorial team over.

It’s simple. They are pretzels that are shaped like mustaches. (Which are, frankly, easier to eat than the crossed and twisted originals.) Try the original, cinnamon sugar or garlic parmesan and with a variety of sauces including queso, marinara, Nutella and honey mustard.

Facebook: Mustache Pretzels; Twitter: @MustachePretzel, Instagram: @mustachepretzels;

My Waffle Crush
Think about all of your waffle experiences in your life: those cardboard-y frozen things, that weird vehicle that you use for butter and syrup at your local diner, that time you realized your waffle iron was a very complicated mechanism. Now banish those from your brain!

My Waffle Crush is here to show you how life-changing waffles truly can be. Expertly-crafted waffles can be topped with any combination of their toppings, including raspberries, Biscoff, Nutella and vanilla ice cream.

Facebook: My Waffle Crush; Twitter: @mywafflecrush, Instagram: @mywafflecrush;

Luncha Libre
Creating a following referred to as “lunchadors,” this truly Arizonan food truck has an always changing menu that combines flavors from all over the world. Insistent on using the freshest ingredients and supporting other local businesses when possible, Luncha Libre has an entourage of two food trucks always spread out to different locations across the Valley.

From authentic Mexican to a fusion of Asia meets Southwestern, the cuisine prepared by Luncha Libre is sure to be delicious. Tip: we have our eye on the Steak and Bleu Quesadilla.

Facebook: Luncha Libre; Twitter: @LunchaLibre; Instagram: @lunchalibre;

Saffron JAK
Arizonans are spoiled. The pizza game around these parts is pretty on point, and the fierce competition just means that they all keep getting better and better. Sure, we all know the usual suspects, but just wait until you try this ‘za.

Starting with a Persian sourdough thin crust, Saffron JAK scours the Valley for the freshest, seasonal local ingredients to make your pie experience truly memorable. They change their menu weekly depending on available ingredients and chef collaborations.
Facebook: Saffron JAK-Original Stonebread Pizzas; Twitter: @SaffronJAKpizza; Instagram: @saffronjak;

Queso Good Quesadilla Truck
Although the “cheese crisp vs. quesadilla” discussion is always relevant here in Arizona, it’s safe to say that most of us won’t turn down a delicious ‘dilla. And boy, do these guys take it to the next level.

Served on a 13” tortilla and always accompanied by corn chips and salsa fresca, these quesadillas open up so many new possibilities to the simple Valley favorite. Create your own with their list of ingredients or try one of their specialties. Plus, each quesadilla has the option to be made a burrito upon request.

Facebook: Queso Good; Twitter: @QuesoGoodAZ, Instagram: @quesogood;

Gourmet hotdogs. No, that’s not an oxymoron and if you think about it, why shouldn’t hotdogs have the opportunity to be gourmet?

These guys get it. First you pick your dog then your bun (you can’t go wrong with either the brioche or the pretzel). Then you either pick your toppins’ or the specialty dressings (the Apache Junction is phenomenal). Oh! And don’t forget your chips. (Get ‘em dirty—trust us.)

Facebook: Frank.; Twitter: @FrankFoodTruck; Instagram: @frankfoodtuck;

Press Italian Street Food
Food-wise, the Italians really know what they’re doing. Their combination of flavors and ingredients seduces even the pickiest of eaters around the world, which is why Press made an excellent decision with their focus of Italian food.

Press Italian Street Food’s mouth-watering meatballs, perfectly pressed sandwiches and positively delicious pastas will leave you obsessively checking their Instagram and Twitter pages to find out where they’ll be next.

Facebook: Press Italian Street Food; Twitter: @PressFoodTruck; Instagram: @pressfoodtruck;


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