ETC!ETC! brings good vibes to Trapfest


Fans of trap will be elated to know there is a fest with them in mind. LA DJ and producer Jose Guerrero, aka ETC!ETC!, is known for mixing trap, moombahton and bass to create a sound unique to him and one that’s deep-seated in his culture. College Times got a chance to chat with Guerrero about his influences and his pre-stage jitters. Check him out along with Ookay and Tropkillaz at The Pressroom on July 18.

College Times: Hi Jose! What are your summer plans?

ETC!ETC!: [I’m] playing tons of festivals this summer. Gonna be a busy one but hoping to drop an EP also around that time.

What does trap mean to you and what is it about trap that draws you in?

Trap is just a genre to me, [it]means 808s and hi hats infused with the current state of dance music. What draws me to it is that it’s fun to play live. You can play any hip-hop classic or flip it into this genre and [the party]will go off.

What is it about moombahton that inspires you as well?

Moombahton is vibes. It’s what makes your neck snap back and forth. It’s tropical; it’s everything that makes me feel Hispanic.

I read The Beatles were a big influence for you. What did you take away from them when it comes to making your own music?

The Beatles are great. I got into making music because of them, not necessarily this type of music but when I was in bands. The Beatles just taught me to work hard, have fun, and be you. They did that with all their albums and they are all masterpieces, I think.

Do you have other influences that have changed the way you view making music?

Always, everyday. Anything from my wife and kids to what my friends are making. Music is everywhere. Small elements. It’s just how you incorporate [it]in yours.

What is it like for you before you step on stage and then what is it like when you step off?

I always get nervous before I go on stage. …I pace around or listen to the DJ before me to get a vibe of what is going on outside. When I get off, I just ask people how it was. [I’m] always self conscious about my sets. [Laughs]

When you’re playing festivals, who do you like to see on the lineup with you? Who is the best to play alongside or to go see?

Bro Safari, Gent and Jawns, Mayhem, those are my besties. Also Ookay, Borgore, Valentino Khan, Diplo, or anyone from L.A. I can shoot the shit with.

What can we expect from you at Trapfest in Phoenix?

I expect it to be very hot and I will eat lots of Sonic. But from the fest, just ratchetness.

Trapfest w/ETC!ETC!, Ookay, Tropkillaz, The Pressroom, 441 W. Madison Street, Phoenix,, Friday, July 18, 9 p.m., $25, $55 VIP


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