Drink Recipe: The Paddy Bomb


You might have heard (or just deduced from common sense) that the Irish Car Bomb, an alcoholic “bomb” of Jameson, Bailey’s and Guinness, doesn’t exist in Ireland. Its delightfully (and we use that term loosely) un-P.C. name is actually a massive insult, harkening back to the terrorist nature of Bloody Friday.

The Paddy Bomb from Tilted Kilt skips the bummer history lesson and goes right to the fun. A combination of common ingredients, this “bomb” is da bomb for St. Patrick’s Day. (We’re sorry for that joke.)

The Paddy Bomb

• Blue Curacao
• Three Olives Orange Vodka
• Red Bull

In a shot glass, blend one part Blue Curacao and one part Three Olives Orange Vodka. In a separate pint glass, fill halfway with Red Bull. Drop shot glass into pint glass and chug as the mixture instantly turns green!

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