Downtown entertainment hub rebrands as Legends Entertainment District


For years, the Downtown Phoenix area including Chase Field, CityScape, the Talking Stick Resort Arena and the Phoenix Convention Center has been an entertainment hub in the Valley. Now, the thirteen-block area has rebranded as the Legends Entertainment District.

The partnership was formed between the City of Phoenix, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Phoenix Suns and now involves CityScape and the Luhr’s Historic Building as well.

Blake Edwards, General Manager at Legends Entertainment District, says the most memorable cities are distinguished by the culture and excitement that surrounds their downtown areas.

“Our objective is to promote downtown Phoenix as the pre-eminent destination in the Valley for business, entertainment, sports, cultural events, dining and shopping,” Edward says.

Most recently downtown was home for Super Bowl Central, one of over 700 events that are hosted in the area every year that are all easily accessible by light rail and other forms of transportation offered by the city.

“The main purpose of the Legends Entertainment District is to elevate the energy and vibrancy of Downtown Phoenix via the presentation of innovative and large-scale advertising, lighting and informational displays in a combination of digital, custom and static formats,” Edwards says.

The advertisements are strategically managed by Legends to bring in revenue for the city by being visually pleasing and give downtown that distinctive big city feel.

Edwards describes the Legends Entertainment District as the “Times Square of Phoenix,” on a much smaller scale, of course, with opportunity to one day be just as successful.

“The evolution of Downtown Phoenix over the last 25 plus years as a place where people want to visit and congregate has been stunning,” Edwards says.

It is somewhere people can experience every entertainment aspect downtown has to offer in one place. Increasingly, the neighborhood is growing thanks to the initiatives of the City of Phoenix and the Downtown Phoenix Partnership.

“The introduction of the Legends Entertainment District is another element to a much larger downtown strategic vision,” Edward says.
With innovations like Legends, Phoenix can gradually become one of the largest entertainment cities to live in and visit, he says.

Even though Legends has been around for five years, it is still fairly new and has a lot of innovative ideas to bring to the table.

“Legends is still an early stage company and our presence and role within the downtown area is still evolving,” Edwards says.

Edwards says new techniques are being brought forth to involve the businesses surrounding the District so that they can be a part of the growth as well.

“This could come in the form of a feature on our new website (, a promotional message on one of our large format digital displays or a contest giveaway on one of our social media channels,” Edward says.

Phoenix is a combination of subcultures that work together to bring locals a ton of activities that would not be possible without the people who want to make it a bigger and better place to live.

“We have built some tremendous alliances within the area and there are more to be developed moving forward,” Edwards says.


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