Cowtown’s Phoenix Am: Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25, 2018


It’s the best time of the year for skateboarding in Arizona — the Phoenix Am! People of all ages and kinds — male, female, young and old (even dogs!) — came together to at Desert West Skatepark in Phoenix for the 17th annual amateur skateboarding competition on Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25. Here are some highlights. All photos by Sarah Donahue.

Jared Bollen, 23, Albuquerque, N.M., does an airwalk.


Lucas Alves, 20, from Curitiba, Brazil. Alves placed ninth overall in the competition.


Maurio McCoy, 22,from Reading, Pa., mid kickflip. McCoy landed fifth place, winning a cash prize.


216 qualifiers competed for semi-finals, which only 39 skaters moved onto, except Vincent Milou (pictured), 21, from Tarnos, France, who won the “golden ticket,” meaning he took a position in the top 12 and surpassed the semi-finals.


Ivan Monteiro, the first place winner, concentrates before his last chance to show the judges why he deserves to win.


Some people chose to post up with their friends and their dogs right next to the action.


Skaters congratulate each other in between skate “jams.” A jam is when four skaters have three minutes to show the judges what they’ve got.

Competitors Lucas Alves (Middle left), Lazer Crawford, and Jamarus Wallace with Milan Bobinac outside the event


Lazer Crawford, age 12, a competitor from Glendale, AZ


Ivan Monteiro, Phoenix Am 2018’s first place winner


Melissa Pacheco and her baby rep matching Thrasher shirts


Steven Breeding, a competitor from San Diego


Phoenix policemen walking past the food trucks. All the policemen said they grew up skateboarding.


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