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College Times Treasure Hunt

Published: Friday, June 28, 2013

Updated: Thursday, July 11, 2013 17:07

Day in, day out, you put that sexy noggin to work without much immediate reward. You can’t eat an A+ paper, right? That doesn’t mean your cleverness is going to waste while you’re in college. To prove it, College Times wants to give you a thousand reasons (other than a degree) to stay sharp this semester. And just for you, dear reader, we did something we’ve never done before.

We hid $1,000 somewhere in the Valley. 

It’s not in a shiny metal suitcase like the movies; so don’t bank on that glint you see off in the distance over there. (Nor is it stashed in a pirate chest among human remains. So, forget that too.) What we hid is actually a certificate worth $1,000 in cash that we’ll fork over if, and when, you find it.

So, to be clear, we hid one grand of no-strings-attached cash you can use for bills, food, books, as paper for origami swans or making it rain at your next Dungeons and Dragons gathering — it’s you’re call. But we aren’t giving you any clues until August 21.

Put down that eyebrow. There’s no catch. 

In good faith, we’re giving you the chance to outwit all the other treasure hunting scallywags by signing up for text notifications that will include clues before they appear in the print edition of College Times.

It’s too simple. We know. Whaddya say? You want in, or are you gonna let someone else swab the deck with you and the loot that should be rightfully yours?

Visit for official rules.

May the odds be ever in your favor. See you in August

How: Text “TreasureHunt” to 99000 to enroll. We’ll text you on August 21 with your first clue and all subsequent clues before anyone else sees it in print. 

When: The hunt officially begins on the eve of ASU’s fall semester and will continue until someone finds the certificate and brings it to our offices.

Who: Anyone can participate. You don’t have to flash your Sun Card or any other credentials proving you’re enrolled at MCC or University of Phoenix, etc. All’s fair in love and treasure hunts.

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