Chrome at Wild Horse Pass lights up Chandler with swanky opening


Walking into a casino is always a bit of a sensory shock. There are loud noises, crowds, lights, smoke and plenty of bustling to go around. But for someone with little faith or interest in gambling, heading to a nightclub can be an ideal escape.

Chrome is the new nightclub located inside Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. DJ Roonie G, three-time winner of Las Vegas’ Club World Best VJ, kicked off the grand opening weekend with sets on July 11 and 12. They have bottle service and VIP tables for high rollers that don’t want to go far to enjoy their winnings.

It seems the best way to experience Chrome is to go all out and get a room. Half the fun of Chrome is the fact that it is inside a casino with plenty to keep you busy if you need a dancing break. Walking around the casino in your nightclub finest is fun, though not necessary to enter the club.

Chrome is actually tucked away on the second floor and is like a secret passage, albeit with some escalators. They have a variety of seating with a large dance floor in the middle and plenty of room to move about. Even when the club is fairly full, the spacious design allows for easy maneuvering. The DJ booth is synched with the various TVs all throughout the venue and add to the fun vibe and DJ set.

The bar is eye catching and dips into the dance floor but is easily accessible to thirsty patrons. Sleek servers are always walking around to take orders. The space lends itself nicely to meeting new people and socializing, which suits an environment with high stakes.

People watching has always been one of the highlights of going out in Chandler, and the crowd at Chrome is incredibly varied with people of all ages and styles. The dance floor quickly fills with couples that know what they are doing and others who just want to have a good time.

The lights change color and there is a screen above the bar with visuals that complement the room. If you are ready to roll in with plenty of cash, they have a selection of high-end liquor bottles and plenty of comfy corner tables to drink the night away.

But not all nightclubs have casinos, live shows, restaurants and a hotel at their fingertips, making Chrome a unique experience. For anyone who lives in Chandler or Ahwatukee, Chrome is a good place to get weird and meet even weirder people. While it probably will not be able to compete with Scottsdale’s sexy allure, Chrome is its own scene. The bottles can be pricey though, so be careful whose dice you blow on.

Chrome at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino, 5040 Wild Horse Pass Boulevard, Chandler,, For VIP reservations call 480.599.6878 or email


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