Blackboard’s ‘New Learning Experience’ Promises Huge Improvements


Blackboard Inc., known for causing plenty of headaches to students all over the country, has launched a massive overhaul of its much-criticized software, promising a more student-friendly design.

The company says the redesigned software will be a new approach that fosters better engagement, interaction and quality learning. Aptly titled “The New Learning Experience,” it will serve as the first major test for the company’s new CEO, Jay Bhatt, who has promised since his takeover to win back the hearts of frustrated users.

The new design is supposed to be sleek and easy-to-use for both students and faculty. The previous software, used by millions of students across the country, was known for an awkward and outdated interface that was designed to be easy to use for faculty, not students.

“The New Learning Experience,” in addition to a cleaner, more modern and user-friendly interface, improves the software’s workflow and integrates tools, like data analytics, that previously only worked in separate windows. One of users’ most common complaints was that Blackboard’s system required too many clicks to perform simple tasks. The company is also integrating its mobile app, an important step for a mostly college-aged user base.

The old Blackboard app was known for force-quitting and causing students to pull out their hair while attempting to check grades on a smartphone or tablet.

College students everywhere hold their breath as the promise of a new Blackboard comes to life.


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