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ASU reimagines bookstores with wine and tech


The College Avenue Commons is ASU’s newest prized possession. The 54-million-dollar, five-story building was completed late this July and is home to several extremely modern facilities.

The building was designed to house classrooms and spaces for the ASU School of Sustainable Engineering, Del E. Webb School of Construction, Construction Engineering, the Alliance for Construction Excellence and the Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering departments.

The building also features a grab-and-go market and the Sun Devil Marketplace on the first floor. The Marketplace is perfect for student and alumni needs with Sun Devil athletic and formal wear, as well as a section for shoes, make-up and jewelry for students that need to pick up something on the way home from class.

Although many of the Sun Devil clothing options are a bit expensive on a student’s budget, it’s a perfect place to bring your folks during Family Weekend and beg them for that new jacket, sweatshirt or hat you’ve been pining after.

Follow the stairs up to the second floor and you will find yourself in the bookstore, not for textbooks, but for best sellers and interesting reads. Adjacent to the bookstore is the Apple Technology Center and the wine bar, cleverly named Corks and Pitchforks.

Corks and Pitchforks bartender, Jake Pittman, says this building as a whole is technologically advanced. “In the bar the lights, TVs and radio are all controlled by the iPad. The Devil’s Oasis (inside Corks and Pitchforks) definitely has the most advanced audio-visual set up of all of ASU because we are so new.”

Despite the fact that this is a  spacious and friendly atmosphere for the older students to relax in between classes, many of the customers so far are alumni. Pittman says, “During the last game the crowd was pretty strictly alumni. We had age ranges from late 20s to a group of 70-year-old ladies who went here back in the sixties who were still partying hard and enjoying the ASU football game.”

According to the ASU website about the Commons, the main goal of the building was to rethink the traditional campus bookstore, while also creating a “welcoming environment for students, faculty and the community.”


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