4 oddly-specific local restaurants to satisfy your quirkier tastes


Arizona might be known for many things, but one often overlooked perks of living in the Valley is the variety of eclectic, unique—and not to mention delicious—restaurant options. Phoenix offers food options ranging from Mexican to Chinese and everything in between. And yes, we mean everything. We’ve put together a list of the most unique, oddly specific restaurants in the area where you can get your fix of a variety of cravings.

Cornish Pasty Co.
A traditional English food that’s been around for centuries, a pasty, for those who don’t know, is a baked pastry filled with anything from meat to cheese to vegetables. The dish was originally popular with the miners in Cornwall during the 17th and 18th centuries—and hence we now have Cornish Pasty. The restaurant specifies in pasties of all different flavors, such as lamb and mint, chicken potpie, and even chicken alfredo. This restaurant has a great atmosphere to accompany its uniquely delicious food, plus a great happy hour!
Multiple locations throughout the Valley, cornishpastyco.com

LoLo’s Chicken & Waffles
This one may be quirky, but it’s definitely a staple in the Phoenix area (and all across America, for that matter). Who would have thought chicken and waffles together would be such a popular hit? With mixes like “Lil C” (drumsticks, beans over mac & cheese), “D. Mann” (either catfish or cod with a waffle) or the classic “LoLo’s” (three pieces of fried chicken over two waffles), there’s no denying it’s an unusual concept, yet a popular one nonetheless.
3133 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, 480.945.1920, loloschickenandwaffles.com

Fry Bread House
Whether you’re feeling sweet, savory, or just looking for some comfort food, Fry Bread House in Phoenix has something for all tastes. Their entrees, desserts, tacos and stews all center around fry bread, with dishes like a red or green chilli stew, bean and chorizo fry bread, or fry bread with melted butter and jam, this Native American classic is an underground yet delicious addition to our quirky list.
1003 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, 602.351.2345

Short Leash Hot Dogs
Your classic food truck or average hot dog stand has nothing on this place. With three permanent locations and a mobile restaurant that travels throughout the Phoenix area, Short Leash offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in the theme of hot dogs. Whether it includes the link or not (and most of their dishes do), they stick to a concept of keeping their food wrapped in the bun, all with a great price and mouth-watering flavor to keep you coming back for more.
110 E. Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, 480.620.8479, shortleashhotdogs.com


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