2014’s Best and Worst Fashion Trends


2014 was an unusual time for fashion. The ‘90s were back and ugly-pretty was the theme of the year. Blending masculine shapes with feminine details made all of us look androgynous in the hottest way ever, but some of these trends were more successful than others. We’ve broken down which were successful and which just… sucked.


 Flatform ShoesFlatform Shoes

So you mean to tell me I can look like I’m wearing heels without the discomfort? Why would anyone wear anything else? Flatform shoes, made famous by the Spice Girls and perfected by Jeffrey Campbell, gave us a sexy lift without the arch.

Pleated EverythingPleated Skirt

We all grew to loathe pleats in the ‘90s, when they were reserved for mom jeans and men’s dress pants. Turns out, though, if you put some pleats in a midi skirt, suddenly you have a long, slenderizing look that’s great on all body types. Even pleated slacks had their moment in the sun, skipping the unflattering darts of decades past for sleek, simple design.

Crop Tops

Crop tops allow you to show a little skin without looking overtly sexual. Unlike the days of Britney Spears’ past, there’s no need to show the entirety of where the baby grows. Showing the section just below the bust is a sexy but demure look that won’t be going away anytime soon.


Everyone loves the idea of a one-piece body suit, but few execute a jumpsuit well. When they fit right, a jumpsuit can be the cutest thing in your closet. Just, um, look at yourself in the mirror from behind before you go out.

A-Line Midi Skirts

Flattering on all body types, the A-Line midi skirt is an easy go-to to be instantly dressed up and presentable. Pair them with just about any shirt or sweater and you still look polished.



High Waisted Cut-Off Jean ShortsHigh Waited Cut Off Shorts

Can we stop with these already? Cut-off jean shorts are horribly unflattering, even on the best shapes, and are a danger to your, um, womanly health, being that they’re usually obscenely tight.

Jogger PantsJogger Pants

Let’s just call them what they are—sweat pants. Just because you pop some heels on with them doesn’t make them real pants, so leave them at home.

Super-Tight Bodycon Mini Skirts

Bodycon dresses and skirts only look good on certain body types, but it seems like every girl at the club must wear the tightest dress. It’s a little too revealing. Try some mystery on for change.


If you’re just trying to be comfortable, more power to you, but can we stop trying to make Birkenstocks fashionable? Just embrace the dumpiness and let’s move on.

Crop Tops

Yes, this one made it to the best and worst. As much as we love them, we’re kind of sick of seeing them. It’s a love-hate thing.






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