11 Ways to stay in contact with people long distance


By Annika Tomlin, College Times

Between school, study-abroad trips or just vacation time, there is often rush of reading a note can remain even after time has passed. Notes can

some kind of distance between friends and family members. It’s a

struggle keeping up with people who are not part of your day-to-day communication routine. Finding the time to catch up or keep someone posted is hard when you have a busy schedule. These 11 ways to keep in contact with that long-distance special-someone you should ease some of those struggles.


Traveling out of state–and especially out of the country for a study abroad trip–results in limited contact with friends and family because of expensive phone bills. It can be a lot cheaper to send home a postcard showing where the trip is and what adventures it includes. The more places you go, the wider the variety of postcards you can send home.


These devices come in a variety of options, such as bracelets, lamps, pillows and so much more. A simple touch or squeeze of the device will let the receiver know you are on their mind. From thousands of miles away you can feel the presence of a special someone.


Sometimes you need to keep in contact with a large group of people for work or group school-projects. However, that can be hard to do when everyone has different schedules. Slack and GroupMe are two phone apps serving as the perfect way to track conversations with groups and keep everyone on the same page. These apps still allow direct messages between individuals.

#8 • EMAIL

An email typically is a more formal way to communicate with someone. It can also be thought of as more of a long-form text message. An email can include links to important documents, or even funny memes and party invitations. Emails are a simple, all-purpose form of communication.


For the more tech-savvy folks, Facebook and Facebook Messenger are great ways to keep in touch with family members or friends who live across the country. Facebook is one of the easiest social media sites to use, so it’s no wonder people of all generations are drawn to it. It’s also a great way to get in touch with family members to whom you’re not close.


It can be a heartfelt task to take the time to sit down and write a handwritten note to someone. Handwritten notes require intense thought into what you want to say and how to convey that thought. It’s like going back to elementary school and writing a note to your crush, asking if they like you or not and waiting for a response. The adrenaline

be creative and include drawings or a poem that makes you think of the person on the receiving end.


If you live a busy lifestyle, sometimes you may have time for only a quick text message to let someone know everything is going well. Today, you can easily convey your true emotions visually through text message by using emojis, bitmojis and even animojis. Don’t forget—a little voice recording paired with a message can go a long way.


Social media is becoming the main way through which millennials communicate with one another. And Snapchat seems to be one of the top apps to do just that. Let your goofy side shine, as Snapchat allows filters, gifs, text and many other photo and video edits. Then you can determine whether you want the world to see what you are up to or if just one person should see how wild you can get.


This app is a great way to keep in contact with international friends and family. WhatsApp allows texting, calling and so much more— without those costly international phone bills. Simply use your phone’s internet connection or WiFi, if available, to keep phone calls and video calls free. Like other communication apps, you can make a group chat with your family and friends, or you can keep it to simple, one-on-one messaging.


Phones are something most people always have on their person, and the original reason these devices were created was to allow connection. So call someone. Pick up your phone and call the first person you think of who you haven’t talked to in a long time. You don’t need any other reason to call someone other than the fact that you miss them. If you miss the sound of their soothing voice, what better way to hear it again than simply giving them a call? You’d be amazed at how quickly what you thought was going to be a 10-minute conversation turned into two hours of catching up. Sometimes it’s easier to talk over the phone than send a text message to explain the crazy thing that just went down.


Facetime and Skype are just two ways you can video-call someone. Sometimes you just need to see that person you miss because a photo or voice recording won’t cut it. If work or school is keeping you from seeing someone, a video call is the best way for them to see you and all your real emotions—not just an emoji. A video call is also the easiest way to erase the distance between two people and make them feel like they are together again—even if just for a short time.



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