11 Things You Need in Your First Dorm Room


Madeleine Williamson    College Times

Moving into your first dorm room is an emotional experience for anyone. Most students are excited to finally be free from their parents and are nervous to meet their roommate, but afraid to live on their own. While all these emotions are running their course, many students forget to think about essentials they’ll need to live in their tiny new home. We’re here to remind you of things you should have in your first dorm room to make it homey, fun and sensible.

#11 • A FAN

With Arizona’s hot climate and long afternoons, a fan is necessary if you want to keep cool. We recommend Lasko’s 6-inch personal fan, a desktop fan that is quiet and has a built-in storage compartment for items such as paper clips. With two different speeds and the ability to have its airflow directed, the Lasko 6-inch is handy to have in any personal space. Its compact size makes it easy to fit the fan on any surface top such as a desk, nightstand or counter. They are carried at Lowe’s and Walmart for about $14.95.


Yes, most dorms include the basic necessities when it comes to furniture. However, college can be stressful and a place to sit back and relax will be necessary for you to get through your daily struggles of navigating the real world. The Big One Glitter & Pom Inflatable Chair is not only a decorative asset for your room but can be easily stored as well. Because it’s an inflatable, you can effortlessly fold or squish your chair to fit in any tight space, which is essential for college life. The chair is light as well, making it a breeze to carry for long distances for example, through the parking lot or up those never-ending stairs to your dorm room. The chairs come in various sizes and are available online through Kohl’s for $25. You can even order an equally sparkly matching ottoman.


The power outlets in your dorm room may not be in the most convenient places, so it’s important to stay prepared. Investing in an extra-long phone charger is a smart move. It could mean the difference between bending a charger funny or not doing it at all.


All things have a place, and everything should be in that place, including your dirty laundry. A dedicated place for laundry will not only help you keep your dirty clothes separated from the clean ones, but will also keep your room organized. Having your own laundry basket is crucial when it comes to coping with the inevitable — finally being responsible for doing your own laundry.


Yes, you are finally living on your own. No, that does not mean you are invincible, especially when it comes to the common cold. Basic medicines — Advil, Aleve, cold and flu medicines — are vital to have in your dorm room to maintain your health. You never know when your immune system might fail you, so be ready. Preparing a small bag with basic medicines will help you with any illness that may try to strike you down. Do not forget them.


Even if you have an unlimited food card, that card doesn’t work from your room. Keeping snacks in your room will cover appetite. A hungry person is not a happy one, hence the term “hangry.” Help yourself and those around you by making sure you have something you can eat when you need it.


The more cleaning supplies the better. A small, handheld vacuum is easy to store and perfect for cleaning your small new habitat. Besides avoiding the hassle of owning a broom and dustpan, a small vacuum is nice for cleaning the crumbs that have fallen into your bed from all those midnight snacks.

#4 • WATER

Above all things to store in your room, water is a necessity — after all, you can’t live without it. Cases of water or water jugs are handy to have in supply. With temperatures that can reach over 110 in Arizona, hydration is crucial to maintaining good health.


Makeup wipes, tissue, wrappers, papers, gum wrappers, tags, burnt-out highlighters, receipts, packaging, expired food, to-go boxes, single earrings, Q-tips. With that said, make sure you have a trash can. You definitely need one, for your roommate’s sake.


You’re going to have to learn to cook eventually, why not start with a microwave? A microwave is essential for making quick and easy meals, and can be easily stored in a dorm room. Watch your food go around and around and discover a whole new world of nourishment. Before long you’ll be a microwaveable food expert.


Lastly, you will need a computer. Besides the obvious, they are nice to have for keeping up with the latest TV shows and celebrity blogs, doing school work, and storing photos. Mostly however, you will need a computer to look up places to find things you probably forgot to bring to your dorm room.  CT


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