11 Things that Cross your Mind while Crossing the Graduation Stage


Graduating is a huge academic accomplishment and event in your life. Your family and friends are in town, and excited to see you finally crossing the stage. But then you actually get to the ceremony and your mind starts racing a million miles a minute about anything and everything that can happen during the ceremony. Here are a few thoughts that cross your mind while crossing the stage.

11. Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip…
Please graduation gods, don’t let me trip on my way up or down the stage. Please don’t make me “that person” who tripped and fell during graduation; everyone in my major will remember it and laugh about it once I sit down. I made it too far to make a fool of myself now!

10. Can I bring my phone?
This ceremony is going to take a long time. Can I live tweet this? Maybe I can take a couple boomerangs and Instagram stories or send a couple “Graduation!” Snaps to friends. If I can snag a selfie while I’m up there, I’ll be a legend. Also, I totally need it so I can find my family after, so duh I need to bring it.

9. Why doesn’t this gown have pockets?
Why don’t these things come with pockets? Imagine all of the possibilities! I could’ve brought snacks so I could stress eat the entire time I’m waiting to cross the stage! This is a long time to sit without some serious snackage.

8. Can my parents see me?
There are literally a million people here. I’m like one small little square in a sea of maroon caps and gowns. Can they see me? I can’t see them anywhere. I wonder if they have signs; I hope they’re not those giant ones of my face.

7. Who even is this guy?
I have no idea who some of you are. I’ve maybe seen you a handful of times and now you’re calling my name, shaking my hand, and giving me a diploma. Oh, and we take a picture together. I can’t wait to not remember your name when people ask me, “Who’s that?” I wonder how many hands they’ve shook today. I hope they have hand sanitizer.

6. Why is my diploma folder empty?
Wait this thing is empty? Seriously you’re going to give me an empty folder? Maybe add a paper saying “Congrats!” or “Thank you for your money,” maybe even a “Sorry we sucked the life out of you over the span of four years.” Just a little something to tide me over for the next six to eight weeks while I wait for a piece of paper that decides my career fate.

5. Oh God, where’s my seat?
Wait what row did I come from? How am I supposed to know where my seat is!? There are so many rows of people. Oh no I’m panicking. Where do I go? Please someone important or more adulty adult help me.

4. Wow, that was fast!
Wait, that was it? I’m done? No more classes? No more homework? That was so fast, I feel like I blinked and missed it all. I can’t believe I’m back in my seat…

3. How am I going to find my family?
I hope my family thinks to call me after this so I can find them. Maybe they’ll remember to meet me at that sign. I doubt it. With all the commotion afterwards, this is going to be a mad house. I just want to get out of here and change into comfy clothes ASAP.

2. Too many emotions!
I can’t handle all of these emotions. Why am I so emotional? Why am I about to cry? It’s just graduation! Oh no, now my mom’s crying, now I’m going to cry more. Everyone’s so nice saying congrats and that they’re proud of me. Please stop or I’m going to sob.

1. I’m going to miss this place…
Wow. I can’t believe it’s all over. I may have whined about classes and homework, but I’m going to miss all the fun and memories I’ve had with my friends. At least in college it’s not weird to come back for football games and alumni events! See you soon, ASU! Thank you for the memories!


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