11 FAQs in preparation for this monumental holiday: National Vanilla Milkshake Day


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Get ready to bring all the boys to the yard on Thursday, June 20, for National Vanilla Milkshake Day. It will be a beautiful celebration filled with cold, white dreaminess. Here are some frequently asked questions in order to prepare for the holiday.

#11 • It’s a staple of

American culture

Other than being a descendant from God himself, a milkshake is defined as a cold drink made of sweet flavoring, such as fruit or chocolate, and typically ice cream, whisked until it is frothy. It is found in its natural habitat of burger joints and fast-food restaurants.

#10 • Milkshakes were created

in the late-1800s

Back then, serving cold milk was uncommon because there was no way to keep purify milk. So, people would typically have milk drinks served hot. In 1862, drinks like eggnog and flips grew in popularity and served with lots of ice.

#9 • This holiday is important

You mean besides having an excuse to slurp on a drink made from the gods? It’s a celebration of a historical tradition that has been standing in the United States since the 1800s. It is a way to honor our ancestors, who probably worked so hard to give us the opportunity to appreciate the vanilla milkshake in all its glory.

#8 • There’s a difference between

milkshakes and malts

A milkshake is made of blended ice cream, milk and any other add-ins, while a malt is a special kind of milkshake that includes malted milk powder. The malt is added after the shake is mixed. The powder is supposed to enhance the ingredients’ flavors, giving it a sweeter, richer tasting malt. If people can actually taste the difference, congratulations. Be wary for the malts of the world, it is not their time to shine, this is for milkshakes only. Leave your fancy powder at home.

#7 • Have blender, will blend

If a blender is absent from the cabinet space, it will be a bit more challenging to make a milkshake. Check this out: https://armagazine.com/2VwpFyN.

#6 • There are healthy

vanilla shakes

Funny enough, yes there are methods to making a healthier milkshake. This health shake needs unsweetened almond milk, a banana, medjool dates with the pit, raw cashews, vanilla powder or extract, cinnamon, cauliflower florets, and ice. Google it.

#5 • French fries pair well

with milkshakes

The salty and sweet flavors create a beautiful combination and balance. French fries taste even better when they are swiped through the milkshake to embrace the salt and sweet. People may give strange looks, until they try it themselves and realize they have been missing out on a religious experience.

#4 • The best places to

get milkshakes

Check out these places for milkshakes: The Counter, 50 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, thecounter.com; Sugar Bowl, 4005 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, sugarbowlscottsdale.com; and In-N-Out Burger, various locations, in-n-out.com.

#3 • I’m lactose intolerant,

can I still participate?

Of course! This is not an exclusive holiday, it is something everyone should be able to enjoy. Check out tasty.co for lactose-free shakes!

#2 • Don’t forget about

the holiday

If national vanilla milkshake day is forgotten, one can redeem themselves by drinking a milkshake the next day, or the day after. Emergency protocol requires a purchase of two milkshakes, the person can then decide if they want to share the second milkshake or save it for themselves. Nothing wrong with drinking two milkshakes, it’s just a way to make up for lost time.

#1 • Chow down on these, too

On Tuesday June 7, it is National Doughnut Day. Hurry on over to Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts (whatever is closest) and buy boxes and boxes of doughnuts, from the warm heavenly glazed to the gooey sweet cream filled. Also on June 7, doughnuts can be celebrated alongside chocolate ice cream because it is national chocolate ice cream day too. On June 12, it is national peanut butter cookie day and on June 22 it is national chocolate eclair day. If vanilla milkshake day is forgotten, don’t worry there’s plenty of opportunities to appreciate desserts in all of their glory.  CT


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