11 APPS You need to Have


By Madeleine Williamson, College Times

What’s one thing that all college students carry? No matter what school they go to, where they live or what their majors are, all students depend on their cellphone to help them survive. The mobile device provides hundreds of thousands of uses. That said, it is important to know how to get the most benefits out of a phone. This list includes the top 11 apps college students absolutely need to take full advantage of their mobile devices.

#11 • JOBS
One of the biggest worries of college students is not having enough money. With such busy lives, it’s hard to find flexible ways to earn an income. Even students who go to schools with great on-campus job opportunities can have trouble finding a reliable job. Jobs is an easy-to-use app that allows one to browse countless jobs in the area with just the touch of a finger. The app allows job searchers to easily send resumes, email employers and more. Don’t be afraid to make money, get this app now.

#10 • VENMO
Carrying change is a thing of the past. With Venmo, paying someone back is easier than counting to three. Never worry about dealing with coins or an overstuffed wallet again. Just link payment methods and transfer away.

#9 • UBER
Don’t have a car? Have to go far? The Uber app will bring a car to anylocation. Call a car with the touch of a finger. Buckle up and get ready for that road trip you’ve always wanted.

It’s scary to be lost, but what’s even scarier is being lost without a map. Stay safe and make sure to always know the area by downloading the GoogleMaps app. Learn about the campus and what surrounds it including yummy restaurants, groovy coffee spots, shopping and entertainment.

Short-term memory loss won’t be a problem anymore thanks to this genius app. 1 Password is designed to store all passwords in an organized and secure system that’s easy to use. No more writing passwords down, resetting forgotten ones or searching phone notes for that complicated number combination. So, say bye to attempting to recall old passwords and hi to a new
and glorious age of never having to reset a password again.

Need to figure something out but don’t know how? YouTube is the place to go. Learn how to do anything from the endless stream of how-to videos contained in this easy to access app. Learn how to do the Woah, dress for your first football game, or even save the turtles. The possibilities are endless.

Laziness is just part of college life. Be prepared by having a food delivery app on hand. Why walk across campus for a cheeseburger when it can be delivered straight to the dorm? A food delivery app is a must-have to help save time and energy needed to study hard and get those A’s. Plus, a late-night study snack is never a bad idea.

Ticketmaster is essential for quick access to event tickets of all kinds. This ticket app is required for all sports fans, movie lovers, festival dwellers, art admirers and people who just want to have fun. The best part is Ticketmaster has a 100% verified ticket guarantee, meaning no scams or rip-offs. It’s simple, it’s quick, and is the best place to buy tickets before any upcoming event.

Face it, college students are broke. It’s just a fact. So why pay money to listen to favorite songs when Spotify will let anyone listen for free? That’s right: Listen to free music at any time with the Spotify app. Spotify has all genres and even allows users to create their own playlists. Get creative, start listening and don’t forget to enjoy those long sessions of beautifully personal free music.


All media platforms are great, but nothing spreads information like Twitter. Stay in the loop with trends, news and more by downloading the Twitter app immediately. Never feel left out of a conversation again. Stay involved in community life and for heaven’s sake, know what’s going on. Show some participation and get tweeting. Who knows, you might go viral.


It doesn’t matter what college or how many apps are already on any phone, the specialized college app is the biggest game changer a phone user can have. From class schedules to events happening on campus, ASU, NAU and the UA apps are like having an extra brain at all times. These apps are literally designed for college students and many require a username and password so that they are specialized to fit students’ personal interests and needs. Don’t be a dummy, get one honey.


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